Thought Leadership

Sunshine Consultancy has developed a structure that isn't merely a business operating system or technology operating system. What makes us unique is our behavioral operating system we call Ranked Advantage Design (RAD). RAD works because it changes the structure of the organization so that people are focused and motivated to perform.

Ranked Advantage Design

Ranked Advantage Design (RAD) is a fresh business framework that removes blockages, frees people up to make clear and immediate decisions, and establishes a focused service culture to promote and sustain highly responsive throughput. We're in a world where you know more when you look at what's reflecting back at you.

After Rad: The Old vs the New

An organization’s culture is a reflection of who it is and what it cares about. Like in the upbeat and synchronized operations of a rock band, culture can best be described as an experience by both employees and customers. When utilizing a RAD system and enjoying the resulting experience of a throughput culture the following 8 areas showcase the contrast between old and new.

  • From Inside-Out to Outside-In
  • From Push to Pull Behavior
  • From Directed Leadership to Organic, Responsive Leadership
  • From Return on Investment to Return on Value
  • From Customer Service to customer Connectivity
  • From What to Why
  • From Solving Problems to Releasing Constraints
  • From Focus on Control to Focus on Throughput

RAD: A 5-Step Sequence

The 5-step RAD protocol begins with a blank slate, beginning with determining
the business’ Anchor Customers and a deep understanding of the value the
business provides to each.

Real Client Case Studies

Case Study: A Global Facilities Servicing Company

Case Study: Saving the Career of a Strong Leader

Case Study: Transforming the Value of a Regional Telecommunications Company

For our healthcare system, it (RAD) totally redesigned the way we worked. We stopped bumping into our own walls. People got energized, and engaged. It wasn’t threatening. It was a whole different way of thinking. The end result, our organization was more fluid. It actually improved morale but still reduced costs across the board. And, by getting everybody engaged, there was really tremendous buy in. We saved over $35 million over three years and didn’t lose a person.”

Richard Taylor, former COO Lutheran Medical Center

Everyone is completely accountable. There is no backstabbing or gossip. Teams are laughing together, problem solving as if they own it, and taking care of relationships internally in the process. Telling the truth so we an quickly get to the root of a problem and get issues resolved.”

Lucy Kaciorek, VP Operations, Cable Company


A Behavioral Operating System
Meeting the New-Era Customer at the Warp Speed of Global Business

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