Coaching and Consulting

Sunshine Consultancy creates a framework for change that provides simplicity and focus to enable teams to deliver real, enduring value for themselves, their organizations, and the world.


Leadership Coaching​
Strategic Consulting

Solving critical challenges, streamlining behaviors and enhancing performance.

Our Process

Initial Discovery

Our job is to uncover the what, why and who questions on the path to uncovering truths behind what appears obvious.

Facilitation & Findings

From standard data to relational interviews, we examine initial findings using a variety of filters to identify constraints and validate our assumptions.

Engagement & Strategy

Our engagement reflects the core needs of each client to ensure the integrity of the collaborative efforts and results.

As the world has sped up and customer expectations are urgent and progressive, performance indicators have shifted, requiring leaders to own the critical attributes of: self-awareness, accountability, discipline, innovation, collaboration, humility and the ability to set the pace and inspire others.

For the past 30 plus years, we have coached and consulted with hundreds of leaders in virtually every industry, assisting them in their personal and professional development. My commitment is to enable individuals to keep pace with the dynamic high intensity work environments in which they operate, all with an uncompromising level of integrity and focus on performance.

Each Coaching & Consulting Assignment is:

Relationship based and Tailored to each client's business environment and needs.

Characterized by an initial assessment defining opportunities for growth and the development of a plan.

Conducted through a series of facilitated sessions over a defined period of time.

Designed to equip the client with insights, lasting awareness and the skills to innovate, adapt and sustain performance.

Family Business

At the intersection of relationships, values and money, families find meaning across generations 

For business owning families, complex and overlapping priorities are the norm. At the intersection of their three roles – family members, business members and owners – complex structural and interpersonal issues can block the growth and vitality of even the most successful businesses and families.

We work with families to plan succession, establish governance, design family councils and manage roles in the family business. We assist families on issues related to the impact of wealth and how to prepare stewards to lead the family in the next generation. Our practical tools assist families in team building, communication and resolving conflicts.

As a strategic partner and coach to families, family enterprises and organization Sunshine has led and facilitated hundreds of projects that guide multi-generational families through the crossroads they face over time, from generation to generation.

This facilitation and guidance takes many forms, including:

Establishing a family constitution or charter, which defines the family's values and design the guidelines and clarifying principles for family activities and action.

Coaching next generation individuals to gain insight and understanding into their own unique skills and strengths, helping build character and clarity for themselves and understanding the unique role and contribution they bring to the family as a whole and their communities.

Coaching the founders and elders of a family (no matter the age) in carving out their essential and critical niche in leading the future of a family and its legacy.

Improving engagement and trust, assisting the family in building a unified “family voice” in order to effectively represent the family’s perspective to the business. Enhancing teamwork, prevent elitism, and build skills in family-based resource sharing and apportionment.

Our Team

Cathy Sunshine


Colleen Abdoulah

Senior Consultant

Lynn Pollard

Senior Consultant

Cristin Brown

Cristin Brown

Senior Consultant