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Sunshine Consultancy creates a framework for change that provides simplicity and focus to enable teams to deliver real, enduring value for themselves, their organizations, and the world.



Solving critical challenges, streamlining behaviors and enhancing performance.

New ways of working require new strategies and fresh ways of leading. Our integrated knowledge of business performance and human behavior helps leaders and organizations make strategic and insightful decisions that bring about personal transformation and breakthrough performance.

We go beyond standard methods to change the underlying conditions that allow leader and organizations to come alive, and teams to thrive.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and under-estimated disciplines is throughput thinking — seeing the world as a flat, fluid and integrated system of decisions and actions. This presents a set of special challenges that are not for the inexperienced. We consider these challenges as core to our breakthrough philosophy.

Family Business

At the intersection of relationships, values and money, families find meaning across generations 

For business owning families, complex and overlapping priorities are the norm. At the intersection of their three roles – family members, business members and owners – complex structural and interpersonal issues can block the growth and vitality of even the most successful businesses and families.

We work with families to plan succession, establish governance, design family councils and manage roles in the family business. We assist families on issues related to the impact of wealth and how to prepare stewards to lead the family in the next generation. Our practical tools assist families in team building, communication and resolving conflicts.

Our Team

Cathy Sunshine


Colleen Abdoulah

Senior Consultant

Lynn Pollard

Senior Consultant

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