Instant Consistency & The Speed of Need

Less than a year after Google presented search-as-you-type, the magicians of Silicon Valley have unveiled the future of internet searching: Google Instant Pages. While a user scans the results of a search, Google algorithms begin to make educated guesses about which result will be clicked and pre-loads those pages. The result is instantaneous gratification, eliminating wait time and giving the user immediate satisfaction. When working in perfect synchronicity, a Google will be able to predict exactly what a user is searching, and the exact result the user desires to create a seamless, agile searching process.

There’s a lot to learn from this sort of instant satisfaction. Imagine your company stacked together like software, moving efficiently and speedily. Your focus on speed allows you to anticipate your customers’ next move, next desire, and next question. You can not only cut down on wait time, but move seamlessly and expediently with no resources wasted. Customers experience a tailored service that feels quick but thorough, and they cannot get enough. It seems like an impossible dream, but it’s not: this is your company on throughput.

With throughput, every aspect of a company’s structure is wired towards efficient and agile flow. Every person on staff, like the little lines of code in the Google algorithm, works with a clearly defined purpose and specificity. Everyone knows who to answer to, how to move the product, and how to recognize a blockage. It’s precise, optimized, and smooth.
Want to anticipate your customers’ next move? Think throughput, and you may find your company working as elegantly as a section of software code.