Food “Just In Time”: Flexibility in the Food Truck Phenomenon

A new craze is sweeping major metropolitan cities., and it’s an unexpected phenomenon in the US today: food trucks. But why? In a nation of frugality, why entrepreneurial chefs are winning a strong fan-base with street food on-the-go. From San Francisco to Austin to New York City, restaurants are going mobile to bring food to the customer, and they’re booming like never before.

When examined closely, it’s easy to see why food trucks have been a hit all over the nation: they actively embrace throughput–in fact, they rely on it to thrive. Instead of chefs flocking to fancy restaurants to hone their craft, they bring low-cost, high-value food to on-the-go Americans. They utilize constant communication in the form of social media to ensure their customers are not only aware of their location, but that they’re excited and ready to form a line once they set up. Most of all, they are carefully agile: when a location doesn’t work for them, they’re ready to pack up and look for other options.

There are many takeaways from the food truck phenomenon, but none as stand-out as the concept of flexibility. Creating an environment that prioritizes agility and remains adaptable can foster innovation in the long run.