Dropbox and The Power of Anywhere

It’s no secret that we live in a world of immediacy. When you’re busy or on-the-go, it’s easy to feel small catches in your day that trip up that gotta-have-it-now feeling in your life. From the barista taking just a little too long to make your coffee to the red light that seems to go on forever, we as a society are now feeling the inconvenience of even a few minutes. One company is tackling that feeling head on, making productivity immediate and relieving headaches everywhere: Dropbox.

Dropbox, founded in 2007 by graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a freemium service dedicated specifically to the wonders of The Cloud– a network server space that allows for online backups of nearly every file you can create on a computer. While it’s certainly not the only service in the game, Dropbox’s growth has been dramatic: 50 million users are participating in the service, and the 4% that pay premiums for more storage make the system profitable. What’s the secret to Dropbox’s success? It can easily be described as “The Power of Anywhere.”

When used for productivity, Dropbox takes down the email attachment, a main staple of our digital lives that has been going strong for over a decade and can confound in it’s restrictive file sizing and painful waits. Instead, files uploaded into Dropbox not only span across all computers, but they sync automatically with a wifi connection and can live on a computer’s desktop like a native file. Even more enticing is the service’s mobile platform, allowing for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to easily access their files from any platform they choose. All the information is available all of the time, without the waiting.

This technology is already moving into other industries, proving that consumers can’t get enough of the Power of Anywhere. Hop on the Dropbox train and discover the wonders of The Cloud–your workflow will thank you for it.