A Behavioral Operating System
Meeting the New-Era Customer at the Warp Speed of Global Business

SYNC’d is a one-stop, practical guide to the structural and human behavioral change required by businesses and other organizations to succeed in the modern, hypersonic digital era.

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Published in the midst of the business community’s rush to embrace digital technology to cope with what many experts call “The Third Industrial Revolution”, this timely new book lays out the case for the corollary need to transform an enterprise’s service and work force culture to a new and more responsive “behavioral operating system.”

Sunshine’s proven methodology for building a highly agile “service” structure provides an effective roadmap for synchronizing the internal pulse of an enterprise to the external high speed, 24/7 demand of the new global consumer.

SYNC’d is a powerful and important tutorial to enable your organization to meet the needs of the newly empowered consumers. Its teachings will create organizational and individual growth and success in our challenging new business ecosystem.