Family Succession – Breaking Through a 3rd Generation Blockage

Who Would Have Thought…?

That a succession plan that should have been as easy and straightforward as they come, would have been plagued for years, and blocked every time. “Every time we get to this place it blows apart…” The “place” the designated successor was referring to was the moment of the transition of the business from his parents to him. There had never been any doubt about the succession: the family owned business which the son had so successfully led for several years would be his to buy. This had always been the intent at the outset of the contract negotiations. And each year the family, buttressed by a cadre of consultants, lawyers, accountants, and therapists, would gather to finalize the sale. Yet, year in and year out, over a period of seven years, at the point of signing, it all blew apart.

Again. Until Generational Throughput® was applied to the situation, and along with it a fresh light and perspective gained from a profound analysis of answers to some very simple questions. “Who is the client? What is the problem we’re solving to? What are the choices? And what are the consequences of each choice – for the individuals, the family, and the business?” Three months later the long desired transition finally happened. And, as the successor and new owner joyfully concluded, “It was simple. Amazingly simple.”

Think throughput.