Family Business, healing the wounds


Who would have thought… they could have become a family again?

The various members hadn’t spoken for years. Some couldn’t even bear being in the same room together. It all seemed to have started with the part of the family in disagreement with the other. This then escalated into the kind of drama where the family itself was being torn asunder, with communication and contact among the three sons’ families, including the youngest little cousins, blocked. None of the professionals they had hired had been able to unblock it. Until Sunshine was brought in. By asking the right questions, to the right individuals, at the right time, she slowly unraveled the sources of conflict. Unblocked it. And healed it. A Family Council was established; the family began talking again, and a Family Charter was endorsed and agreed upon by all. To mark this monumental event, the family matriarch gathered the family, and prepared a speech. To underscore the significance, she had also purchased a symbolic memento—a crystal globe, suspended seemingly in air, above a solid crystal pedestal. As light is directed at it, the globe rotates. In her speech to the finally gathered and re-united family she explained the symbolism:

Stability: we all agreed that we must feel a sense of safety and support to fulfill our mission. The solid crystal base symbolizes the stability that is necessary to make the whole thing work.

Journey: Our lives are a work in process, and each day is a ‘way station’ on that trip

Differences: each family member is unique in perspective and personality[yet it is possible] to hold onto the common threads that bind us together

Movement: when we started our quest with our ‘ray of Sunshine’ we were frozen in time and came to realize that movement was necessary to go forward. Therefore I needed to include ‘motion’ as one of our guidelines. The motion within the globe brings a perpetual, quiet motion as a reminder to keep moving. The globe floats at a point of perfect balance… and slowly turns as it feels the energy carried in light…

Think throughput.