Retail and Marketing: How Service Structure saved a leader and grew a business

Who Would Have Thought…?

That the young high potential leader, CIO and VP of the Fortune 500’s IS Division, would ever get himself out of this mess, even with all the leadership coaching he was getting? “We’d been struggling with performance and project deliverables for months. The team wasn’t acting according to its best capabilities, there was a lot of infighting and struggle. Our communication bottlenecks were being felt by our customers who weren’t getting serviced properly. I was trying my best to lead, but kept bumping into the walls of a maze and everyone was pointing fingers at each other. And at me.” The problem wasn’t just a leadership one. It was a structural one. Once the Throughput Service Structure© was implemented, everything changed. “It’s unlike anything we’ve had in the past. Now we have a more energetic organization, with improved morale. It helped simplify things – who reports to whom, who is accountable for what. My programmers and business analysts understand what they do and whom they support. My managers can clearly focus on their interactions with other managers and VPs. And I can finally focus on where we go, what’s our vision, and how to get there. The communication is much more streamlined. And customers feel they’re getting serviced.”